Around the World, Around the Table: Individualization With Signature Items

Premium Experience

Java Series with Chopsticks as Signature ItemThe beauty of flying is that it opens up the world to us. We can experience countries, places, people, climates, smells and food that we’ve never dreamt of before.

Why should that experience exclude your flight to and from your destination?

At SPIRIANT, we invest a ton of creative energy into cultural inclusivity. We create solutions that allow airlines to celebrate cultural differences that cement their brand and their passengers’ experiences.

Fiji Series with Salt & Pepper Shaker as Signature ItemsChop and Change

Our Porcelain dining ware solution offers up a cultural ‘mix and match’ option. Signature items can be added to a tableware series to change the feeling and cultural aspect.

For example, an airline could add a dip bowl or chopstick holder to inject an Asian experience and menu when needed. For a Spanish nuance, an airline could emulate the tapas tradition with small bowls and plates for small portions. Likewise, it can be custom in many African countries for all food to be encompassed on one large plate, which we make possible within our series.

Fiji Series with Signature ItemsIndividualization

With modular premium tableware, it’s possible to offer signature items that completely change the cultural nuances, without breaking the bank.

Airlines can opt for customized and culturally apt glassware, napkin rings, salt and pepper dispensers to name a few pieces that would have a high impact.

Look out for Around the Table, Around the World: Part Three that’s going to reveal how SPIRIANT’s Porcelain Tableware is an operational dream.

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