SkylogistiX Celebrates 10 Years of Supply Chain Management


We’re proud to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of SkylogistiX, a go-to partner for supply chain management and logistics. The bespoke technology is one of a kind, in that it’s specifically tailored for the airline industry, focused on creating a tailored offering with real value.


For over a decade, SkylogistiX has been listening closely to airlines’ concerns and obstacles to achieving seamless logistics; high costs and equipment spend, a lack of transparency and control, a high level of manual work and a lack of tools and expertise.

Spiriant 10 years_SLX10They have grown from inception to the present day, to offer a fully-integrated IT solution that’s highly specialized to reduce space problems on-board, deliver products on time to catering units, and simplify complicated processes to be more transparent and easier to control.

With features like onboard load planning, forecasting and equipment management and trolley and asset tracking, SkylogistiX is an important addition to an airline’s equipment logistics management

“The SkylogistiX team has been one dedicated bunch of people always ready to go the extra mile”, said Kay Wichmann, Managing Director SkylogistiX. “We’re happy to celebrate this special milestone and look forward to what the future holds”.

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