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By Annegret Lipp

Posted: August 9, 2018

For passengers, trying to get much-needed shut-eye on a flight can be a nightmare. But it’s more important than ever to get a peaceful rest when you can, particularly for business travelers who need to be on the ball as soon as they step off the plane.OnbordComfort-Blanket-Set

Let’s face it, lack of sleep can leave you disoriented, cranky and simply not functioning at your best.

OnboardComfort-NeckpillowPower Napping

It’s not always possible to achieve the luxury of beauty sleep on an economy flight. With limited time and space, certain luxuries simply won’t be at the passenger’s disposal, making deep sleep out of reach.

Luckily we have solutions that can help passengers have a satisfying and refreshing power nap to keep tiredness at bay.

We offer a range of comfortable neck roll pillows that allow passengers to snooze happily without getting a sore neck and waking up cranky. Also, our crystal-clear headphones block out noise so passengers can drift into their own little world, which is perfect for catching a quick power nap.
Comfort-Smart-SetBeauty Sleeping

Undoubtedly, premium class fliers have more luxurious sleep options at their fingertips.

Our indulgent range of mattresses, duvets and pillows culminate to create the perfect setting for a peaceful and deep sleep. With thermoregulation, circulated air and ultra-soft materials, our bedding range offers ‘sink-into solutions’ for a slumber-inducing sleep.

We know that sleep is a luxury passengers simply can’t afford to lose. We go the extra mile and liaise with sleep experts so our solutions incorporate everything for a refreshing sleep, right through from economy to first class.

If you’re curious to see a sleep collection that truly fulfills dreams and tells a story, check out what we recently did for Lufthansa here…

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