SPIRIANT APAC: Celebrating 10 years of success


If there’s one thing that keeps a smile on our faces, it’s building long-lasting, creative and happy relationships with our customers.

Our secret? We focus on unwavering quality; in our service, products and creative process.

That’s why the decade-long success of our APAC presence is reason for a big celebration. It tells the story of SPIRIANT investing in Asia with one big goal in mind: to keep raising the bar with the fast, efficient and quality service to our customers that we’re renowned for worldwide.

Erdmann Rauer SPIRIANT 10 year celebrating Hong KongAsia is home to the largest manufacturing hotspot in the world, including a multitude of SPIRIANT suppliers. So 10 years ago, Erdmann Rauer, then Managing Director of LCL, foresaw the impact of opening such an office in Asia would have a huge impact in our business. We took a leap and opened our first international office in Hong Kong and have watched it grow from strength to strength ever since.

It was a moment of great pride to have Mr. Rauer, Erdmann Rauer SPIRIANT 10 year celebrating Hong KongCEO of LSG Group be part of a special 10 year celebration in Hong Kong last week, along with Thomas Berti, the current Managing Director of SPIRIANT. They gave rousing and inspirational speeches to a proud crowd of SPIRIANTis, who were all there to celebrate the achievements of the past 10 years.

Let’s take a peek back in time…

Why Hong Kong?

It’s simple; proximity to our Asian suppliers meant we could offer a faster and more economical service to our global customers.

It’s also a well-known fact Hong Kong is the amenity kit hub of the world, which spurred us on to create a dedicated amenity kit business unit to be our global competence center.

We always strive to be fast, accessible and completely ahead of the curve with amenity kits, so being in the thick of it all is critical to having our finger on the pulse of developments.

Faster, Stronger, Better

Today, over 100 customers globally benefit from our APAC team’s expertise in procurement and quality.

Our SPIRIANT family in Asia has grown to over 50 employees, meaning our reach is bigger than ever to give a high quality service to our customers.

The cherry on the cake is that having a close relationship with suppliers undoubtedly gains huge advances in product development, which has propelled our innovation and allowed our creativity to flourish over the years.

Thomas Berti SPIRIANT 10 year celebrating Hong Kong“Solid team members, a powerful driving force, intelligent research and market knowledge are all critical to the success of an office, which is what’s made our presence in Asia so successful”, said Thomas Berti. “At SPIRIANT we believe that if you invest in your customers’ needs, then the rest will successfully unfold. We have seen this with the Hong Kong office, it’s living proof.”

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