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Posted: March 28, 2017

An Interview with SPIRIANT’s Brand Manager, Karen Rohweder-Lenkeit

SPIRIANT is an expert when it comes to co-branding and passionate about finding airlines the best brands to collaborate with. Helping us achieve this is our Brand Manager for amenity kits, Karen Rohweder-Lenkeit. In the last 10 years she has gained extensive experience in strategic brand management and development on an international level.

So she’s the perfect candidate to tell us about what the benefits (and challenges) of co-branding are. We caught up with her to talk about retail reach, target groups, and how to make an emotional impact on customers.

Q: Let’s jump straight in with the positives – what are the biggest benefits to airlines when it comes to co-branding with amenity kits?

A: The industry is highly competitive, so it’s crucial to find a key differentiator and something to give your airline an edge – cooperating with brands is not only a great way to do this, it’s a top factor for success.

It’s all about staying relevant in consumer’s minds. Complementing brands collaborating can benefit from widening their consumer base. Suddenly your brand is exposed to customers that might have been unavailable before – enhancing your image and quickly elevating your brand to project a perception that would have taken a longer time to build alone.

Q: What are the benefits of going with worldwide or local brands for airlines?

A: Known brands provide a huge advantage when it comes to leveraging both the airline and the brand. Having said that, if you can be the airline to bag a local brand on the verge of being an international breakthrough then it can be an even more powerful collaboration! Associating with the next big thing can open you up to even more exposure than an already established name.

Q: When it comes to emotionally connecting to their consumers, what can airlines expect from co-branding?

A: More than ever, the airline industry needs to stay relevant when it comes to personalization of experiences. We need to take into account different passenger types, for example, frequent flyers especially, want to be emotionally attached. The right brand fit can improve the customer mindset towards an airline. That makes brand collaborations a fantastic way to individualize the service – and make each traveler enjoy the luxury of exclusivity.

Q: What interests you the most about branding?

A: Essentially, branding is just a combination of logos, words, colors, price and services but within that magic you can create a personality which connects to the consumer. Good branding plants itself in the hearts and minds of potential and current customers and I enjoy making that happen when it comes to my work at SPIRIANT.

Q: How does using other brands impact an airline’s image? How careful should an airline be about associating with a brand ‘off the shelf’?

A: If an airline is looking to convey a value – for example, the concept of adventure – they can build on another brand’s bold look and feel to reach their target groups. But ultimately, the most important thing is to match a common corporate value. Co-branding should share a common belief. The customer will know when a brand is being used in an unauthentic way.

Q: How do SPIRIANT work with airlines to create the best co-branding experiences?

A: It’s all about bringing our expertise to make the collaboration a stand-out success. We’re the ones with the knowledge on new trends and brand collaboration, and we always apply this knowledge to focus on what is attractive and will work for the airline’s customers.

It isn’t just about aesthetics; everything has to work holistically together. So I’d say we work to provide the complete picture and not just using a big brand for the sake of it. This is especially true when it comes to amenity kits. The bag needs to fit both the cosmetic brand’s and the airline’s needs. We need to align the values so that when the customer takes home their kit as a souvenir it’s a gift that serves to emotionally connect them with the brand values of each participant.

Q: Any plans for the coming months?

A: Many! We’ve got lots of new projects arising globally and we’re discussing exciting brand collaborations within the luxury, lifestyle/fashion and cosmetic sector.

If you want to find out more, come to visit us at the WTCE LSG Group booth 1E20 in Hall A1 to learn about our future plans, or follow-us on LinkedIn for updates!


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