SPIRIANT grows in the Middle East - Michel Kuitems, Welcome to the Team!



Posted: January 10, 2017

SPIRIANT grows in the Middle East - Michel KuitemsWe want to introduce one of our newest additions to our team – Michel Kuitems!

He has started with us recently, as our new Director of Sales and Products for the regions Middle East, Africa and India.

We have asked him a few questions about his start at SPIRIANT and what he wishes to achieve.

Let’s get to know a bit about him!

You have a lot of experience in this industry, what impressed you most about SPIRIANT? What are you most looking forward to while working here?

SPIRIANT has quickly exceeded my expectations – the people working here are great! They only started in this region in 2014, and this is what definitely impresses me the most, that my colleagues have already made such great strides in just two short years. SPIRIANT has a lot of potential to make an impact on Middle Eastern markets. I see the team benefiting largely from the international outlook of its members and high dynamism.

I’m looking forward to growing the business together with them as well as working with world-class customers such as Emirates, Qatar & Etihad. I have a lot of experience that I can bring to this region and industry, and I like a challenge. Beside this focus on the Middle East we will also be looking to Africa, as a region that is seeing major growth. We have a basis that I hope to develop, grow and expand most notably: South Africa, Kenya and Ethiopia. I know we cannot rest on past success and I will focus on continuing to foster the positive growth trend through a proactive and hands-on approach.

SPIRIANT grows in the Middle East - Michel Kuitems

How has your first month been?

My team at SPIRIANT is very young and dynamic, almost a different generation! It’s the best of both worlds here – a younger demographic with a fresh and innovative way of working while remaining very organized, passionate and, when needed, process oriented. It’s been a real honor that people have been willing to integrate me fully and harness my expertise, valuing my opinion. I’ve felt very welcomed.

What would you say are the main challenges of Middle Eastern carries at the moment and how can SPIRIANT solve these challenges?

The sheer size of these airlines! They are all wide-bodied fleets, which means they need a lot of equipment that is long-lasting, durable and has strong engineering behind them. Anybody can mass produce standard items but if it’s not produced with care and quality then you are always exchanging things, having to look at breakage rates and so on – SPIRIANT can most definitely address all these areas with its high-quality and efficient products.

Maybe even more challenging to the huge Middle Eastern carriers is their need to be able to differentiate themselves from one another. They all offer an excellent and diverse service – but are always searching for new ways to set themselves apart from each other. People often group the top airlines into the Big 3 or 4 of that region. SPIRIANT is here to help overcome this problem and provide innovative and interesting designs, custom made for an airline, so that a passenger has a memorable journey and identifies an airline in a crowded marketplace. What sets an airline apart depends heavily on all things we cater such as meal service solutions and comfort items.

I’m confident that my team in the Middle East can address (and maybe even enjoy!) all these challenges and help the established airlines differentiate from one another.

What do you hope to achieve in the next 6 months?

My main goal is to widen our relationships with airlines on a multi-level basis mainly with our carriers in the Middle East and Africa. We will cultivate the already proactive approach we have with them and start to talk with airlines we haven’t been in contact with before. We’re also looking to speak with business partners in the area, and I’m very much looking forward to meeting customers at the next WTCE and integrate myself fully into the wonderful and unique SPIRIANT culture.

SPIRIANT grows in the Middle East

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