SPIRIANT Joins Forces With PaperWise For Sustainable Alternatives

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Posted: April 12, 2019

While certified and recycled paper has been available and part of our portfolio for a longer time now, new materials keep emerging so we’re always scouting the market to find new options for customers.

That’s why we’ve entered into an exclusive partnership within the airline (hospitality) industry and have teamed up with PaperWise to create a brand new portfolio of solutions made from 100% agricultural waste, for airlines who are looking to incorporate sustainability into their cabins.

What is PaperWise?

PaperWise creates high-quality paper and paper board from agricultural waste like plant leaves and stems that would otherwise be burned.

The result? The environmental impact of the PaperWise paper is 47% lower than paper from wood fibers and 29% lower than recycled paper, with a production process that’s CO2-neutral.

SPIRIANT’s Solutions

SPIRIANT uses the environmentally friendly material for a full range of products, including meal boxes, bowls, tray mats and cups, that lower an airline’s ecological footprint.

As it’s fully customizable and logos can be added with no problem, customers can use PaperWise paper in the same way they used paper alternatives.

Find more updates under #ConsciousTravel or reach out to our sales team for more information.

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