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Posted: May 30, 2018

Having an office in Santiago de Chile to be close to the market is great. But the team and their expertise behind can make or break the relationship with customers. We talked to our Director for Inflight Equipment Carlos Rabines to get his view on the Latin American market, challenges and trends…

Rabines-Carlos-Portrait-01 (2)You have both Peruvian and Spanish citizenship. Do you see yourself as firmly attached to your home country of Santiago, or more as a global citizen?

In this connected world we live, it’s fully possible to be both. For me, I’m a global citizen when it comes to business, since I’ve worked in several regions across the globe. But I’m 100% Peruvian at heart; it will always be my home no matter where I am in the world.

In fact, in 1998, I played for the Peruvian Hockey National Team. Let’s face it, you can’t be a national hockey player without being a Peruvian through and through!

Having worked in Europe, Middle East and Africa, where do you see the biggest difference to how business is done in Latin America?

Admittedly, in all regions forming positive relationships is crucial to success. However, in Latin America there is even more weight put on this. You can have the perfect product, with outstanding service and a fair price, but if you don’t build bridges and connections early in the game, you’re doomed to fail.

How do you see Latin American airlines evolving to enhance the passenger experience?

Technology is playing a fundamental role in enhancing the passenger experience. Think of it this way: almost all passengers come on board with at least one digital device and we have to meet this demand for integrated and personalized services. Latin American carriers are developing innovative services that work with a careful balance between passenger communication and precious data exchange. A clear result of this is boosting the passenger experience and differentiating themselves from competitors in the process.
Should Latin American airlines focus on local passengers’ needs or look at travelers from different countries in the same way?

We live in a global world so Latin American carriers need to be addressing the needs of passengers from everywhere, including local passengers. I understand that finding the right balance here could be challenging, but that’s where SPIRIANT steps in: With customer workshops, focus groups and trial flights, we follow a fully-integrated and in-depth approach to understand our customers’ pain points and create tailor-made solutions that make their passengers happy.
We think you’ll agree this is an exciting time for SPIRIANT Latin America and we can’t wait to see what comes next!
Make sure to check out the video to meet Cato “in person” and learn what else he had to say…

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