SPIRIANT marks one year in Dubai - Happy Birthday SPIRIANT DXB!



Posted: June 23, 2015

It was January 14, 2014 that I first went to Dubai. It was a fabulous day, sun shining, blue skies and much warmer than Frankfurt. My first thought – I could get used to this! But the reason I was in Dubai was far from enjoying the lovely weather – it was our new project, a challenging one at that, SPIRIANT had decided to open what was to be our new offices in the Middle-East and in 5 months the office needed to be fully functional.


January 2014 – when we were first handed over our office space in DXB

My colleague and project Manager Andre´ Douque and I made our way to Dubai Airport Freezone (DAFZA), where we were shown our new office space. 155 square meters of empty cemented space greeted us – carte blanche! We had 5 months to get a construction company in place, finalize on an office design and layout, get permissions in place, order furniture and the clock was ticking.

In the months that followed, the entire project team worked at full speed to get everything done in the short time frame. It was not easy managing everything from Frankfurt, but between the support teams at the DAFZA and a really motivated construction crew, the office slowly started taking shape. The days and weeks flew by and the day finally came when we had a brand new office.

June 23, 2014 the new office was inaugurated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony by the Honorable Mr. Nasser Al Madani, Assistant Director General of the Dubai Airport Freezone, Alexander Spahn, Managing Director SPIRIANT GmbH, Mr. Khalid Al Maskati, Deputy Chairman, SPIRIANT Bahrain Limited (formerly LSG Gulf Solutions) and Mr. Alfred Rigler, RCOO LSG Sky Chefs for Africa, Eastern Europe, India & Middle East. It was a truly memorable day for our partners, customers and the team in Dubai.

SPIRIANT Dubai Anniversary

June 23, 2014 – the grand inauguration

“This year has been great! It has gone by so fast!” said my colleague Stefan Deboy (head of the DXB Team) when I called him up this morning to congratulate him. “We’ve learned a lot, had great feedback from customers and we are happy to be in the region and closer to them”.


June 23, 2015 – The SPIRIANT DXB team one year later

Congratulations DXB Team!

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