SPIRIANT Support LSG Sky Chefs with New Equipment on TGV Lyria



Posted: December 11, 2017

It’s a little-known fact that although SPIRIANT live and breathe airlines, we occasionally extend our expertise to other areas of travel that focus on the passenger experience.

TGV Lyria SPIRIANT Concept

TGV Lyria, a rail company connecting France and Switzerland, will be launching a new catering concept in December. SPIRIANT is proud to have collaborated with the LSG Culinary and Train teams to provide new porcelain tableware for the concept. The focus is on luxury, with glassware, cutlery and table linens to create a premium experience in their Business Première Class.

TGV Lyria SPIRIANT 2It’s a great example of how two industries can work alongside each other with such success and it’s a testament to our strong relationship within the LSG Group. By working holistically, we’ve managed to bring catering and equipment to a new industry for SPIRIANT, creating a powerful solution for TGV Lyria.

TGV Lyria SPIRIANT Jan Pureber Portrait

“The trick here was to focus on top quality and luxury, but remain true to our signature modular functionality and classic design”, said Jan Pureber Sales Representative, SPIRIANT. “The result was a porcelain set that matched LSG’s catering concept perfectly.”

It’s true that airlines are our number one focus, but there’s always excitement in venturing into markets outside of our typical day-to-day. Our high level of knowledge and expertise means we can easily translate our services to any industry.

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