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Posted: December 19, 2014

spiriant_toys-storyMeet Susanne Egenolf, a.k.a. Mrs. “SPIRIANTa” Claus. Susanne is our in-house toy expert who ensures that kids have a good onboard experience. “Flying can be a fun and sometimes stressful experience for kids and parents alike. It’s important that a toy keeps young passengers occupied and entertained, but at the same time it should not be too complicated as they can get frustrated”, said Susanne. Together with the SPIRIANT Design Team she develops a range of toys and games that are guaranteed to provide hours of delight.

However, there is an extremely important group of individuals who help to decide which toys are presented to airlines for final selection – and believe me, their opinion counts! Meet some of the members of our very own SPIRIANT testing team! Test sessions can include up to 12 children aged between 2 and 10 years old. The latest test included Susanne’s son Tim (6) and his friends Luisa, Niklas, Hendrik and twins Paula & Leon, who take their role as “toy-testers” very seriously.  “Many kids will play with the toys on the plane and so we have to choose ones which are not boring,” said Tim. Susanne and her “team” only offer and develop the toys and games that our testing team approves of. “If they are not happy, then we can be sure kids onboard will not be happy,” said Susanne.

Tim and his testing team, along with Susanne, are ready to develop gifts and toys for your young passengers, contact us to make sure you get the most entertaining toys onboard.

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