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Posted: March 8, 2019

Products in the crew and service area can often get cast in a ‘supporting role’, as they tend to remain in the background, supporting more prominent solutions.

However, it’s also true that these supporting products can make or break a flight, and a smooth onboard service would simply not be possible without them.

Let’s take a look at some of the vital qualities supporting products can bring…

Protecting Valuable Investments

Supporting products often play the role of protecting high-investment products that would quickly not exist without their help.

For example, our glass racks and porcelain savers make sure your porcelain and glassware investment is looked after.

Even when taking off and landing, and in the event of turbulence, airlines can be confident that their porcelain and glass will remain intact and they won’t lose money on breakages.

Offering Fresh, Warm Food

Food often takes center stage and can be a positive or negative experience to the passenger’s flight. No matter the taste, if the food is stale or lukewarm when it’s served, the passenger will quickly lose faith in the service.

Our EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) boxes work to keep food and beverages warm or chilled – whatever is needed. It’s a lightweight material, so reduces fuel consumption and is completely dishwasher-safe so can be reused time for the long run.

Saving Space Onboard

Space onboard a flight is paramount, and every square inch counts. We’re always looking at how products and solutions can be creative in making space.

Our foldable drawers are built to last, from a highly durable material. If a part gets damaged, it’s easy to replace one part rather than the whole drawer.

They’re highly space-saving, as you can fit a total of seven drawers in one trolley. Once service is over, the drawers can be folded quickly and you can fit three folded drawers into one runner.

Aside from the supporting and functional benefits of our products, they also contribute to sustainability, by having a long-life cycle, protecting perishable foods, and protecting those high-investment products.

Want to see our functional and sustainable products in action? Visit us at WTCE (booth 1E20, Hall A1).

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