How sustainable are your logistics?


Sustainability is a big focus topic for the majority of industries all around the world.


While most are looking at how their products measure up on the sustainability scale, they’re forgetting to consider the impact of their logistics on the environment.

An airline’s CO2 footprint can be hugely reduced by strategically planned logistics.

At SPIRIANT, our logistics team are always working on how to make both transport and loading more friendly to the environment.

Here’s a rundown of efficiency measures we can take to optimize your logistics:


Loading & Onboard

  • Airlines need to implement an efficient supply chain, making sure they’re accurately forecasting to reduce cabin loads. SkylogistiX, our SCM partner, offers a fully integrated solution for supply chain management.
  • Smart and weight-efficient meal box concepts will greatly reduce the weight that’s brought onboard. Our sustainable meal box collaboration with Evertaste offers a lightweight range.
  • Make sure you’re using space saving equipment solutions and onboard waste concepts. Choose a supplier that understands how to create ergonomic solutions.
  • Employ meal forecasting to avoid over-catering for passengers.



Airlines can also be mindful about the implications that the transport services they use have on the environment.

  • Make sure the transport company you’re using is transparent about their CO2 footprint. Some companies even display the CO2 emission on each shipment invoice.
  • Check with transport providers if they have a system in place to offset the CO2 impact of transportation by paying a compensation amount that can be passed to an NPO to sponsor eco-friendly projects.

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