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While we’ve already talked about how you can rethink your product portfolio to become more sustainable, there are aspects that need particular consideration when it comes to amenity kits. Creating a Sustainable Amenity Kit helps to improve your brands visibility whilst showing that you care.

Rather than having only one or two eco-friendly items inside, airlines need to take a 360-degree view and make sure the entire package reflects a well-rounded picture for the environmentally conscious passenger of today.

We thought: why should an amenity kit always be a pouch? That’s why we designed a conscious travel collection which can accompany your passengers everywhere they go.


Sustainable Amenity Kit

There are tons of ways this Sustainable Amenity Kit can be reused:

  • For grocery shopping
  • For carrying your computer
  • For the beach
  • For carrying books
  • …time to get creative!


Our Conscious Travel Collection follows a holistic approach and looks at the three main components of a kit:



Materials that we use for amenity kits have to be strong and attractive, yet still have sustainable properties. Made from recycled plastic bottles it requires 75% less energy in production than virgin plastic, and also reduces the plastic going to landfills.


Sustainable Amenity Kit

Inner Items

Inner items in the collection are made of sustainable alternatives wherever possible. Bamboo fabric is fast growing with low water consumption, while wax/craft paper is recyclable, luxurious and pleasant to touch.



For cosmetics, we collaborate with organic brands that focus on natural products. For example, Veriphy Skincare cosmetics are composed of 95% natural vegan ingredients and come in recyclable packaging.


In the end, it’s about putting together an amenity kit that conveys your approach to sustainability and fits passengers’ needs. Speak to our sales team for more information and make sure to follow our updates under #ConsciousTravel.

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