The Magic of Insulation

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When you open your news app, it’s not only the match results from the World Cup that leap to your eyes. Retailers running low on dry ice is the other hot topic that occupies the minds across the globe now. As if temperature control for F&B on board of an aircraft isn’t tricky enough… With the sliding scale of temperature change throughout the flight, it’s important that there are products that work with normal ice just as well.

Crew-Service-EPP-Box-Cooling-ElementsWe focus on creating lightweight, impact-resistant highly insulated solutions to keep chilled and warm items exactly as they should be served.

Temperature Control

Our insulated ‘family of four’ boxes offer versatility that’s perfect for keeping food and beverages warm or chilled, as needed.

The boxes come in two sizes and are made from Expanded Polypropelene (EPP), a closed-bed foam material that’s highly effective at retaining temperatures. Whether it’s using the box with or without the dry ice insert, going for normal or dry ice, their modularity allows for a great of flexibility.

EPP-BoxenOperational Dreams

Insulation doesn’t have to mean heavy, and our boxes have been specially developed to be easy for crew to handle with their lightweight EPP material.

The super-efficient boxes can easily be used in combination with trolley runners, have no sharp edges and are dishwasher friendly. As an extra plus-point, airlines can also hit sustainability goals as the boxes are made from a 100% recyclable material.

Crew-Service-EPP-IceboxOur boxes give airlines the gift of total confidence in food and beverages temperature control, so the crew can concentrate on doing what they do best: keeping passengers relaxed, smiling and happy.

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