How Airlines Can Use Visual Storytelling Onboard for Children


When it comes to customer demographics, it’s important that airlines don’t forget about their younger passengers. Happy and entertained children means relaxed parents, which is a golden achievement. Flying with children can be a stressful time for parents, as well as surrounding passengers, so if an airline can keep children engaged, it will have a positive knock-on effect all around.

How do we do this? Visual storytelling is a powerful way to hold kids’ attention. Telling a story with colors, shapes and imagery can be just as impactful as using words.

Introduce a mascot

Creating a mascot for your airline can help children to identify with your brand and keep the little ones entertained. The mascot will be an exciting element to the flight, which can be played with while onboard but will also go home with the children to their daily lives.

Air India have proven the power of a mascot with their world-renowned Maharaja, who was brought onboard nearly 73 years ago, and is still going strong today. He first made an appearance on an inflight memo pad in the 1940s, but has gone on to win numerous national and international awards for Air India.

Customize toys

We make every effort to allow customization for all of our children’s toys. This can help to build a powerful brand and let airlines put their own stamp on their toys.

An added benefit to bringing kids’ toys onboard is that they allow for creativity, which can’t be said for all functional crew-related products. However, at SPIRIANT we always merge creativity with science to result in emotional products that are still highly functional. For example, we will make sure we consider how many toys can fit into one drawer to save space and make the crew’s life easier.

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