What Happens at WTCE, doesn’t have to stay at WTCE…



Well, that’s a wrap! We’re back in the office after three exciting days in Hamburg, after three months of highly-detailed prep and…we’re kind of missing it already!Here’s SPIRIANT’s WTCE 2018 story:


After 5 years of being part of the fair you’d think we would know what to expect. But to be honest, WTCE brings something surprising and special every year. We’re constantly striving to be better and work extremely hard to provide customers with the latest innovations and highly functional solutions.

The first evening after an exciting first day at the fair already went off with good reason to celebrate: We won a Travel Plus Award for our Children’s Car Organizer and the Oktoberfest Kit, both flying on-board with Lufthansa! And that’s not all … Another day, another award – on Wednesday, SPIRIANT and Lufthansa proved that themed amenity kits go down well! The Oktoberfest Kit has been honored with a PAX International Magazine Readership Award and is this year’s First Class Amenity Kit Europe. Champagne corks were popped, we can tell you! Congrats to the entire team that worked so hard to make this happen.


We want to say a big thank you to all our customers for stopping by the SPIRIANT booth. It was a great opportunity to exchange ideas, meet familiar (as well as new) faces and to draw inspiration from creative conversations. We’re delighted by the overwhelming response and feedback that we have received so far.

Follow us on LinkedIn as we’re already thinking about prepping for WTCE 2019. Looking forward to welcoming you over there!

Safe travels and happy weekend!


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