What's New for Premium Tableware in 2020?

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Posted: March 18, 2020

At SPIRIANT, we are always looking ahead towards future trends to keep our finger on the pulse of product development.

Our product managers are always scouting exhibitions and events to see what’s on the horizon.

This week, we’re focusing on tableware and chinaware trends in the premium experience arena. Our premium experience product manager, Eva Hotz,

gave us an update on the tableware trends in 2020.


Out of the blue

Cool blue tones are on-trend right now, with a nod to the classic elements of fine dining, particularly with organic structures and shapes.

Our Product Manager for Premium Experience, Eva Hotz, reveals: “The inclusion of reactive clay is a true ‘celebration of uniqueness’, as the characteristics of the material make every piece look slightly different.

At SPIRIANT, we have several blue signature dining items to reflect this trend, even moving into the turquoise spectrum to represent crystal clear blue water. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be reminded of tropical beaches while flying?


Purity and origin

We are also seeing minimalist design trends having a comeback. For example, the Japanese Nordic style, which focuses on dark, simple strong colors and overall purity.

The idea is that the chinaware design encompasses the origins of porcelain, which are the earth materials and minerals. “At SPIRIANT we highly value the sustainable porcelain used for our chinaware. Therefore, we are already cooperating with one of the industry’s leading companies which will be revealed at this year’s WTCE.


Industrial chic

On the horizon, we see a combination of industrial and natural elements coming up as a key trend for 2020. Two opposing styles are fused together to create an innovative dynamic that attracts attention.


If you want to find out more on how SPIRIANT is incorporating these trends, contact us at info@spiriant.com

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