WTCE - Watch out for Equipment and Logistics


By Alexandra Appel

Posted: March 31, 2014

Long before you start thinking about your choice between chicken and pasta, the LSG Sky Chefs subsidiary SPIRIANT is thinking about which on-board equipment can best deliver in terms of presentation and functionality. While you’re gushing about how the products seem individualized to your personal needs and how well they align with regional trends, SPIRIANT knows that’s no coincidence. With 20 years of experience in the airline industry, they’ve learned a thing or two about what works best – and then keep making it better.

spririant-equipment-and-logisticsAt this year’s WTCE, SPIRIANT focuses on how megatrends come alive onboard. With a focus on current megatrends like green alternatives, connectivity, individualization, female shift and mobility, they will showcase how these global influences can be translated into actual on-board products to add individualized elements for certain regions while meeting local demands. Given their clever designs that make the cabin crew’s life simpler, SPIRIANT gives its clients an opportunity to enhance their products and drive the success of their brands.


A clear companion in this endeavor is SkylogistiX, which offers comprehensive materials management to deliver seamless logistics globally. In working with airlines to design supply-chain management strategies, it enables its clients to outsource more services as their operations grow and expand. An exceptional quality of the company is its dedicated online platform SkyLog, through which the highest level of transparency in overseeing the entire in-flight supply-chain is achieved. To ensure a user-friendly application, it is directly integrated with their client’s own IT system.

Maybe you’ve never before considered all of these operational details – I still think the choice between chicken and pasta is often tricky enough – but take a closer look around the next time you’re flying to see what intricacies are involved in the equipment and logistics process. And stop by the booth at the Expo this April to learn more!

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