Product world

Design and products

Whatever the budget, whatever the requirement and whatever the challenge, we provide innovative and ergonomic onboard solutions that your passengers will admire and your cabin crew will appreciate.

Choose an existing, proven product or ask us to create a new, bespoke item: our products save galley space and weight, make cabin work easier and reinforce your brand.

Premium experience

Our porcelain designs can be adapted to meet your needs and merge seamlessly with your brand, lowering your cost of ownership and simplifying equipment management.

Onboard comfort

High-quality and customizable amenity products and linens to keep passengers happy, relaxed and comfortable throughout their flight.

Amenity kits

We can adapt cosmetic and toiletry items for co-branding opportunities, enabling you to differentiate your airline creatively and show high regard for your passengers.

Crew and service

Our innovative user-friendly trolleys and inserts are designed to make your cabin crew’s work simpler by being easier to handle, lighter to use, more hygienic and more durable.

Leisure and smart solutions

We work with everything from aluminum to plastic and paper, and recycled and sustainable options to create highly functional, high quality, contemporary products for a better dining experience.